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Received Peers Coetmore Scholarship for Cellists in 1997, Studied under prestigious Australian Cello Teacher Nelson Cooke. Kristin is an accomplished improvising cellist (all styles), a creator of original music for multi layered cello, and a sort after session cellist.


Bachelor of Music (Composition Major) from the VCA (2000), Studied under Mark Pollard, David Joseph, Jim Cotter and Larry Sitsky. Kristin is frequently employed in collaborative film, tv and theatre projects due to her emotive compositional style, and her expertise as performer / composer / technologist.


Kristin is at the forefront, worldwide, of acoustic live looping and real time sampling. Her studio is setup with high quality recording equipment enabling her to create great sounding music for less financial outlay.

Professional Engagements

Composer / Cellist – TV, TVC, Film, Theatre, Dance or Games
Composer – Solo / Ensemble Notated Works (with / without Music Technology)
Session Cellist – Remote / Online HD Recording or Location Recording
Performer – Cello (with / without Music Technology)
Workshops & Demonstrations – Acoustic Live Looping & Real Time Sampling (featuring Ableton Live)
Technologist – Development and Advice for Schools wishing to setup Interactive Music Technology programs (featuring Ableton Live)
Presenter – Music Industry Skills inc Marketing & Business Plans and ‘Creating a Niche’ in the Music Industry
Tuition (Individual / Group) – Cello (standard), Strings Vn,Va,Vc,Db (creativity & improvisation), Composition, Music Technology (Acoustic Live Looping with Ableton Live)

Additional Project Skills

*Video editing and Trailer creation for Film & Theatre works
**Experienced with online collaboration
***Ability to do Sound Design

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Pro Gear List

  • Buthod Cello (French 130 years old)
  • Macbook Pro
  • DPA 4099 (mic)
  • RME UC (audio interface)
  • Softstep 2 (midi foot controller)
  • Grace Design M201 with A/D (mic preamp)
  • Neumann U87 (large diaphragm mic)
  • DPA 4015A (wide cardioid mic)
  • SCHOEPS MK4 (cardioid mic)
  • RODE NTG3 (shotgun mic)
  • Ableton Live (Live Performance / Looping / Sampling)
  • Pro Tools (Audio Recording / Editing & Film Scoring)
  • Sibelius (Music Notation)
  • Avenue (VJ Live Performance)
  • Premier Pro (Video / Trailer Editing)

News - Upcoming Gigs, Album Releases & Other News

Music News

New Album Release

It’s been a long time coming, nearly 5 years, but my new album is well and truly underway. Scoring it as we speak!

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Album 2010
‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ – 2010 album release

Maratus - Film (Original Score)

I recently composed, performed and recorded the original score for a short documentary (30mins) by Simon Cunich entitled ‘Maratus’.

World Premier details to come…
Maratus – Film

Grasslands - Theatre (Trailer Release)

In November 2014, I worked with Theatre Makers Rebecca Russell, Ken Evans & Emmily Caspi, Video Aritst Dotahn Caspi, Dancer Jannett Hoe and members of the Clunes (VIC) community to create a magical experience over two nights.

It has to be seen to be believed, a simply stunningly beautiful show….. and if you missed it, you now have a chance to view a showcase of the event, with the release of a trailer featuring live footage and sound from the actual show!!
Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.31.39 am
Grasslands – Theatre (Trailer)

Gigs & Workshops

Upcoming Performances

I am currently setting up a new base in Mallacoota, Victoria. Once the necessary work has been completed I will saddle up my bicycle rig for another epic Solar Bicycle Cello Tour.

In the meantime, there is talk of a Public Transport Cello Tour, so if you’d like me to perform in your community please contact me direct via the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming 'Live Looping' Workshops

As per the info in ‘Upcoming Performances’ (see above), I am currently stationary, but looking to engage in a Public Transport Tour over the coming months, so if you’d like an ‘Acoustic Live Looping’ demonstration or workshop in your school or community, please contact me direct via the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

Online 'Live Looping' Tutorials

I’ve have a lot of interest from people on this one (Acoustic Live Looping Online tutorials for Ableton Live). Life is pretty busy for me at the moment, but if you are interested, rest assured that I am currently creating a suitable space from which to film a series of tutorials. So, please contact me direct via the Contact form (bottom of page) for a notification once things are live, or ‘Sign Up’ here for general news and updates (which will include info on online tutorials)…





Projects & Collaborations

Technology & Tutorials

Bicycle Cello Tours

Kristin's Blog

Answering the Call of 52 (51.75hz) – The Worlds Loneliest Whale

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Cellist @ Dawn Patrol

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Recently, I was asked to play at the funeral of a local Mallacoota resident, Derek James Benson (or Jim to those that knew him well). I didn’t know Jim or his family personally, but I find that a funeral always seems to bring about a deep sense of reflection on the value of music, of...

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Finding Self Amongst the Confusion That Is

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You may wonder, why, after more than 8 months on the road full time, there has been so little ‘blog’ action till now. The challenge of life on the road – from nowhere to nowhere, with no plan of action or specific way / place to be, no particular project or outcome to give meaning...

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The Naked Cello

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As a young cellist, I dreaded the unpredictability of the ‘outside’ performance, wind blowing music off stands, sun torturing the delicate finish of the wood, but most of all, I hated the way it sounded, often dry, exposing all my technical and musical cellistic flaws, that oh so very ‘naked’ sound. Cycle touring has, through...

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Repairing Pots on the Road

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One of the things I love about this tour, is our ability to make repairs on the road, thanks to the extensive tool kit and spare parts that we, or more specifically, Andy, carries.  A recent problem with my Pot (potentiometer for our Australian Made speed controller), gave me the opportunity to try out our...

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