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“My aim … to educe an emotional journey at the deepest level, to touch the soul”
Kristin Rule

Film / TV Credits

‘Backtrack Boys’ – Catherine Scott (dir) 2018
Premier Sydney Film Festival June 10th

‘Scribe’ – Ruth Cullen (dir) 2018
Premier TBA

‘We Don’t Need a Map’ – Warwick Thornton & Brendan Fletcher (dir) 2017
Opening Film – Sydney Film Festival 2017

‘Best Foot Forward’ – Red Gadget Films 2017
Trails in Motion Film Festival 2018

‘Afghanistan: Inside Australia’s War’ – Victoria Midwinter Pitt (dir) 2016
ABC TV 3 part series

‘Marutus’ – Simon Cunich (dir) 2015
Premier Canberra Film Festival 2015

‘Sticky’ – Jilli Rose (dir) 2013

‘Helgas Bread TVC’ – 2013

‘Memoirs of a Plague’ – Robert Nugent (dir) 2011
Premier Antena Film Festival 2011
National Geographic (Creatures of the Flood)

We Don't Need a Map

Opening film for the Sydney Film Festival 2017. Kristin’s music features in both the film and the 2nd half of this trailer.

The Scribe

The Scribe Trailer – Featuring Multi Layered Bespoke Cello Music

Ruminations (2017)

Stunning Images of the Yukon Aurora by Phil Hart – Music multi layered cello and wordless voice

“Such beautiful music. Thank you – what a powerful element you’ve brought this documentary. Hope to work with you again.”
Victoria Midwinter Pitt, director ‘Afghanistan: Inside Australias War’

Theatre Credits

‘600 Degrees: 100 Years of Shade’ –  Rebecca Russell & Ken Evans (dir) 2016

‘Grasslands’ – Ken Evans & Rebecca Russell (dir) 2014

‘Bare Witness’ – Nadia Kostich (dir), Mari Lourey (writer) 2013
4 month National Tour

‘Hutch’ – Rachael Guy (writer), Nancy Black (dir) 2013

Bare Witness

Theme Song Music Video Clip from the ‘Bare Witness’ 2012 Theatre Production & Australian Tour

“Kristin was a pleasure to work with and her music is sublime.”
Ruth Cullen, director ‘Scribe’

Solo Live Looping Cello Albums

“You make me look so good”
Anon Film Industry Wiz

Cello Bicycle Touring

Kristin tours exclusively via Human / Solar powered bicycle and Public Transport (Bus / Train / Tram / Boat).
Over the past 9 years she has completed five self funded human-solar and human powered bicycle cello tours,
and traveled in excess of 15,000 kilometres carrying her 130 year old French cello on a bicycle.

Fly Me Higher (2017)

Music from ‘Best Foot Forward’ (Red Gadget Films) – Images Bike Tour East Gippsland, VIC.


5000k on a bicycle with a cello. Solar Human Powered Bicycle Cello Tour 2014.
The story behind …


In March 2018 I suffered a traumatic injury to my left hand involving bones, tendons, skin and multiple surgeries & no, I wasn’t riding a bicycle!!.  I am now on the road to recovery with the help of an amazing and passionate team of Surgeons and Hand Therapists from the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Merimbula.

True to form, nothing can stop my creative drive!  My full size cello has been temporarily replaced by a special Hand Therapy Cello (aka Viola) from Whitehorse Music, enabling me to create rich and meaningful multi layered Hand Therapy Cello (HTC) music for film.  A number of these HTC works feature in Catherine Scott’s new documentary Backtrack Boys (Premier – Sydney Film Festival 2018), which I was working on at the time of this accident.

I’d like to personally express my deep appreciation to the wonderfully supportive cast and crew from the Backtrack Boys program & production (‘and’ to those bloody fantastic Surgeons and Hand Therapists who made HTC playing possible).  It’s been an awe inspiring project to work on, keeping me focused and motivated through some very challenging life experiences.  

If you would like to support me in my recovery, please consider purchasing an album, donating money to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, or simply share my story and my music.  

If you’re a daring filmmaker looking for unique bespoke music, please contact me via the form below. 

And yes, I’m sure there is a HTC live looping album brewing, so watch out for that one!

Many Thanks,
Kristin Rule

*UPDATE 29 Sep 2018 – I am now playing cello again!!  (Still in the early stages of recovery, but finding creative adaptions for beautiful music making on my beloved instrument.)

Phone: 0422 783 980
Email: cellist at 
kristinrule dot com

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