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More challenging than riding 130kg’s up the Moonbi Pass, NSW

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In 2014, during our unique 5,000k bicycle tour, we encountered one of the most challenging rides of our life. A 2.1 km incline of between 10 & 13%, 130 kilos of rig weight and an electric motor with 63 times ‘less’ power than a 250CC Motorcycle of the same weight. Our task was to simple, get to the top of the Moonbi Pass.

In the days leading up to the challenge, we researched the terrain, carefully inspected satellite images, searched desperately for an alternative (to no avail), and gathered our resolve. The night before, we drank more wine than we should, and as the sun rose we tentatively set out. Nearing the assent, our eyes darted around the ridges, hoping to catch a glimpse of our path, willing it to be less steep than our studies suggested. An old man, sitting at a remote servo and puffing on a cigarette called out to us. Between his laughter we heard,”Ya’ll know there’s a big hill coming up, don’t ya”. Heads down and slightly dejected, we replied, “We know”. It wasn’t the first time during this tour that I’d felt the craziness of what we were attempting. I’ve learn’t to embrace such challenges, to live them in the moment. And before long we began to climb.

It ‘was’ tough, physically and mentally. We’d done 3,500k of the tour by that stage, we were fit, and yet I felt the heaviest burden on my chest to date as I struggled to take in enough air to sustain me. (Stopping at will was not an option as 10% hill starts with 130kg of extra weight are impossible, especially with fast moving traffic). I resisted the urge to pass out and after what seemed like an eternity, with full consciousness of every single breath and pedal rotation, we caught sight of the crest. We’d made it! Resting at the top, we quietly marvelled at what an ordinary human with just a little assistance could achieve.

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And now I’m nearing completion of my latest challenge, one I set out on a year ago. I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect on life over the past six years (since my last album release), in particular, during the 2014 tour, where so many experiences and emotions were heightened by the path I’d choosen. I’ve been compelled to weave together my deepest thoughts, feelings and insights via the creation of this major new audio and visual work, ‘Remember, I am’, in the hope that I might enrich peoples lives in a meaningful and tranformative way. It’s a big project, much bigger than I anticipated. And the end is in sight … but I’m going to need a little assistance from those that believe in what I’m doing and enjoy my music enough to help me get over the crest.

‘Remember, I am’ – Album Update

Thanks to your help, together we raised $1,630 out of the $5,000 needed to complete this project, enough to get the ball rolling and complete the recording and mixing. That money has now been fully absorbed into the project.

  • A high quality recording was completed in Soggy Dog Recording Studio (Melbourne), with recording engineer Steve Vertigan.
  • I’ve worked solidly for 3 weeks on assembling the beautifully recorded cello lines into finished arrangements & mixes.

It’s now time to polish the album in readiness for release. Polishing will involve the employment of an experienced recording engineer to double check and tweak my mixes prior to been sent off to a Mastering Studio, where the tracks will be prepared for commercial release. I anticipate this will require a further $1,500, bringing the total financial investment up to $3,130.

If you’d like to help bring this music into the world, and support a truly independent artist, please share this blog post with your friends and / or pre order the album (click here).

For those that have already given support, my deepest thanks for your belief and trust and sincere apologises for the delay.

Know that I am relentless, and I will make this happen one way or another.

Image of Final Mixes Lined Up …
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Sample of Arrangement …

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