Bare Witness – 2012

‘Bare Witness’ – Main Theme Music Video Clip (Above)
Main Theme Music Video Clip Cinematography: Industrial Cuts & Crossfades
Main Theme Music Video Clip Editor: Kristin Rule
“BARE WITNESS: An electrifying multi-media play drawing on actual experiences of photographers and correspondents, Bare Witness catapults us into the world’s combat zones, exploding the way we view the world’s humanity through the fragmenting lens of the media.”

AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL TOUR 8th Sep – 23rd Nov 2012

Writer – Mari Lourey
Director – Nadja Kostich
Cast – Daniela Farinacci, Adam McConvell, Eugenia Fragos, Todd MacDonald/James Saunders, Ray Chong Nee.
Musician/Composer 2012 season- Kristin Rule
Musician/Composer 2010 season – Jethro Woodward
Lighting Design: Emma Valente
Video Design: Michael Carmody
Designer: Marg Horwell

Tour Production Manager / Lighting: Natasha James
Stage Manager / Video: Rebecca Etchell

Cello Extracts Clip – ‘Bare Witness’ 2012 Production and Australian Tour (Above)
(Prepared Cello – Live Looping – Extended Techniques – Singing into Cello – Walking whilst Playing Cello)
Cello Extracts Clip Cinematography: Industrial Cuts & Crossfades
Cello Extracts Clip Editor: Kristin Rule


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