Be Not Afraid – 2006

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Kristin Rule’s 2006 debut album ‘Be Not Afraid’, was recorded live, in a Tin Shed, in the middle of the Australian Bush. A low budget Album, presented as a new beginning after a prolonged depression (resulting from the death of her father in 2002).

The first track, Arc-en-ciel (cello duet), was composed days after her father died, receiving it’s first performance at his funeral in honor of his memory.

She writes; “It is the knot in the wood, or the scar from ones past that shines most brightly. Without this, life is sameness. One cannot know joy without also knowing sorrow. I strive to know both”

From this early example of Kristin’s first attempts at live looping and improvising on the cello (and viola), we are able to see just how far she has traveled and will keep on traveling, with the 2010 critically acclaimed release of ‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ to her most recent and yet unheard works.




May 10, 2007 2:22 am