Grasslands – 2014

GRASSLANDS Creative Team

Concept, Director, voices: Rebecca Russell
Concept, Design: Ken Evans
Dancer: Janette Hoe
Cellist/ Composer: Kristin Rule
Video Art/ Projection: Dotahn Caspi
Lighting Design: Philip Lethlean
Costume design: Mel Drummond
Wardrobe Assistant: Janette Weatherspoon
Ecologist: Dale Tonkinson
Stage Manager: Bec Anderson
Creative Producer: Verity Higgins
Performer/Collaborator: Emmily Caspi

Roustabout 1: John Pain
Roustabout 2: Andrew Pearson
Roustabout 3: Andre Gersbeck
Farmer: Wayne Glennie

Photographer and local connections: Christine Rowe

Bodhi Anderson-Barbey
Jude Evans
Mhiya Fogas
Lulu Gersbeck
Toa Green
Hunter Knowles
Elly Wilson
Kodi Wilson
Kid’s Supervisor: Tracy Bourne

Jamie Andrews
Andrew Blaszak
Kate Featherstone
Steve Greenwood
June Johnsone
Peter Keller
Bryon Powell
Christine Rowe
Enid Steart
Dale Tonkinson
Dolly Torney
Jan Turner

Generous support from –
Arts Victoria & Regional Arts Victoria

Season – 28 – 29th November 2014 in the grounds of The Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles (60 min duration)


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May 8, 2014 8:50 am