Hutch – 2012

Full length puppet show/installation
‘Hutch’ is proudly supported by ‘Black Hole Theatre Inc’

“In a dark tunnel a woman cares for a small rabbit. As the rabbit grows their relationship becomes obsessive and transgressive. Puppetry, live music, song and gesture drive the piece through moments of tenderness, brutality, humour, and despair.”

Written and Performed by Rachael Wenona Guy
Director – Nancy Black of ‘Black Hole Theatre Inc.’
Composer / Cellist – Kristin Rule aka ‘The Unconventional Cellist’
Lighting Design – ‘Bluebottle’
Cinematographer – Zoe Scoglio
Preview Trailer Editor – Kristin Rule

Preview Trailer Filmed in Carman’s Tunnel (Maldon) at the Tarrengower Puppetry Festival 2012


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May 8, 2012 8:57 am