Portrait of a Soldier (Trailer) – 2015

“Portrait of a Soldier is the story of one of the most brutal and bloody battles of WW2.

In Poland, the subject is seen from many different perspectives and, like all battles, has it’s own specific circumstances; military, political, social and seen from Poland’s history of Uprisings – cultural.

Yet, the Warsaw Uprising, remains a battle that is little known outside of Poland:
Fought from the 1 August – 2 October 1944 the outcome of the 63-day battle is a tragedy. An estimated 18 000 Polish Insurgents lost their lives. Between 180 000 – 200 000 Civilians died during the Rising, the majority during reprisal mass executions conducted by German troops. Following the capitulation of the Home Army, Warsaw became a city of ruins.

The story of the Warsaw Uprising is the story of Allies who fought for freedom – and lost.

Yet despite the tragic end, it is also a story of immense beauty: of heroism and resistance against all odds…”

Director – Marianna Bukowski (UK based)
Trailer Music – ‘Affirmation’ by Kristin Rule
Original film score composed by Wayne Urquhart.
Online Edit by Dean Wyles at ENVY Post Production


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May 9, 2015 7:08 am