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Answering the Call of 52 (51.75hz) – The Worlds Loneliest Whale

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“Answering the Call of 52 (51.75hz) – The Worlds Loneliest Whale”
Original Music by Kristin Rule

I came across an incredible story on Kickstarter the yesterday, it was about a solitary Whale known simply as ’52’.  ’52’ has become known as the worlds loneliest whale as his song is based around the frequency of 51.75hz (i.e., near enough to 52hz), far from the frequency of his would be whale companions.  As such, his voice remains unheard (metaphorically, not literally).

(The Kickstarter project is funding both scientists and film makers to focus on ocean conservation, the health of the oceans and marine wildlife.)

The idea of being unheard is probably one of the great fears of humankind, a fear that renders most of us into the complicity of like pitch (mindedness). We fear speaking our minds, of even knowing our deepest thoughts, for fear of creating dissonance with those around us.  And so, the myth is created, 52hz is the worlds loneliest whale.

Personally, I like to muse at the potential that he is really a just fearless animal in his quest for his own uniqueness, his own mind and his own life, and will not bend his owness for any other living being, even if it means aloneness (as opposed to loneliness)……. perhaps his is simply waiting for the others to catch up.

The story also got the interest of my musical mind, for what composer / cellist could resist the idea of 51.75hz?  Inevitably, I set about creating a cello score….. but first I had to retune my cello!!

Traditional Cello Tuning (Left) – 51.75hz Cello Tuning to the (Right)
(I actually used a pure tone generator to tune to exactly 51.75hz)

*This technique of retuning a cello is called Scordatura (Italian for ‘mistuning’).  My use of Scordatura here is quite a radical departure from the conventional cello tuning.

I hope you enjoy