Finding Self Amongst the Confusion That Is

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You may wonder, why, after more than 8 months on the road full time, there has been so little ‘blog’ action till now.

The challenge of life on the road – from nowhere to nowhere, with no plan of action or specific way / place to be, no particular project or outcome to give meaning or direction to the journey, no book in the making, no promises, no records, no reason, no time, no limitations, purposefully nothing left to hang onto – has invoked the question of ‘why’, ‘why’ write a blog if it ends up being ‘just another bicycle tour blog’?

Over the expanse of experiences and events that are unfolding personally and in the world at large, I am finding that I am only now compelled to share this remarkable (and often unremarkable) journey, in my own unique and eclectic way, and more importantly, I am hopeful that in this sharing, I will invite other creative individuals to delight in my musical creations, which ultimately represent my personal life journey at a level that words will always fail me.

Riding into Mallacoota.

Riding into Mallacoota.



Little delights, viewed from the vantage point of a bicycle, whilst traversing the Darrah.


Perhaps the most challenging studio I’ve worked in to date…

Finally, I’d like to leave you with this perceptive quote, which perhaps sums up at least part of my own journey, and perhaps the journey of many others…..

“Often, when peoples eyes are opened by scandals or disillusionment and they start to dig down under the surface of the ideologies and received ideas they have taken for granted all their lives, the apparent coherence and power of the new “answer” they find can lead them to believe that they have now found the “truth” with a capital “T”. Once people succumb to the illusion that they have found the “one truth” that would fix everything, if only enough other people understood, the temptation is then to view this one truth as the solution to the implied problem around which everything must be theorized, which leads them to build an absolute value system in defence of their “solution”. At this point, Moralism takes over from Critical Thinking”. – Jason McQuin