The Art of Acoustic Live Looping

. ‘is’
.. the
… layering of “sound”,
.…. <live>,
…….. [using no prerecorded music – WHATSOEVER]
…………. ^to create the impression of many.


Live Looping Demonstrations

Share in a passionately visceral performance by cellist / composer / live looper Kristin Rule.

Be mesmerized by the sensory delights of exquisitely woven cello layers, stunning imagery and sublime melodies.

Discover the art of Live Looping and be inspired by the creative possibilities of music technology.

Demonstration Options:
30mins – General Audience (All Ages 4+)
45 – 60mins – Music Classroom & Instrumental Music Students (Secondary / Tertiary)

Masterclass Style Workshop

Reward your most enthusiastic instrumental music students with the opportunity to learn live looping techniques.  See them immersed in the live compositional processes as they explore their own creativity through music technology.

Selected students will engage with cutting edge music technology and work together with their peer based audience to create and perform an original live looping composition with images (images opt).

Masterclass Options:
Recommended duration between 20 – 45 mins per active participant with peer based audience (opt).

Instrumental Group Workshop

With instruments in hand, voices at the ready and music technology at foot, students will explore, create and structure an original music score with moving images that they can perform live at the end of the workshop.

A great way to get the creativity flowing whilst engaging students of all levels in the wonders of sound creation.

Group Workshop Options:
– Mixed Instrumental / Vocal group (limit of 20 participants)
– String Ensemble ie, violins, viola, celli, d’bass (unlimited participants)
– Recommended duration of 60mins or more
– Longer durations available (i.e., full day or artist in residence) for schools wishing to incorporate Ableton Live or Live Looping music technology into their curriculum.

*Longer workshops can involve other departments via interactive projects, such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media and Science.

Classroom Music

Learn live looping using Ableton Live in a classroom environment.  Students will need access to a computer with headphones and on-board microphone.  Computers will need to have free demo version of Ableton Live Installed.  Please contact Kristin direct for more detailed information.


Create your own Foot-pedal for live looping with Ableton Live using old USB or
Bluetooth Keyboards (typing keyboards) – duration 60 – 90mins

Animation, Film & VJ’ing.  Kristin can guide your visual art students through the process of making themed animations and film clips for use in Live Looping
Masterclass or Group Workshops.

Kristin specializes in the following computer programs:

Ableton Live (Live Looping)
Pro Tools (Film Scoring & Audio Recording)
Resolume Avenue (VJ software)
Adobe After Effects (Animation)
Adobe Premier Pro (Video Editing)

Booking & Fees

$100 – Live Looping Demonstration
$150 – Live Looping Demonstration (30mins) plus Instrumental Group Workshop (60mins)
$275 – 1/2 day (3 hours of tailored demonstrations / workshops)
$400 – full day (5 hours or tailored demonstrations / workshops)

*Kristin has full Public Liability Insurance and a Victorian Working With Children Card.

For more information please contact Kristin on 0422 783 980 or via the contact form here.

School to provide:

– Workshop / Demonstration Space
– Access to space 60 mins pre start (bump in / soundcheck) and 30mins post finish (bump out).
– Two Powered Speakers or PA (must be set up prior to bump in)
– Two XLR (mic) cables
– Safe Secure Place to Park Bicycle (currently on bicycle cello tour of SA, VIC, NSW)
** Optional – if Images are desired a Projector or alternative with HDMI input (Kristin to supply HDMI cable) or VGA (School to supply VGA cable)